Ying! Yang! Yo! character
Series Ying! Yang! Yo!
First appearance Dojo, Oh No! / Finding Hershel
Age Unknown
Voiced by Martin Roach
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Likes Teaching kung fu.
Dislikes Ying and Yang fighting.
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Yo is a character from Ying! Yang! Yo!.


Father and teacher of Yin and Yang. Yo is a grumpy old panda whose age is unknown (but he missed his 117th high school reunion). Yo has great sage wisdom and is a master in the Woo Foo arts. Master Yo mentors Yin and Yang in the Woo Foo way to save the world, but it wasn't his choice. The spirits of past Woo Foo warriors stopped him from watching a movie called Who Stole the Cookie until he decided to do it. He's able to use both might and magic and has moves that Yin and Yang have no clue about. His moves include Yo-cinerate, Foo-portate, Woo-Foo Aura, Marbalize, Paws of Power, Foo-Pie, Foo-pliclate, and De-Puslify. In the episode Turnabout, he was made into a three year old, and was able to use Woo Foo Aura and Woo Foo Lightning. This shows that he was very good at Woo Foo at a young age. He once was able to defeat the ultimate evil, the Night Master. He is, in his own words, the last panda on the planet. Not many people believe that. He is shown to be on a quest for a younger spouse of sorts as he is often seen trying to pick up women, though he is unsuccessful. In Slumber Party of Doom, it is revealed that he lives a double-life as the crimefighting vigilante Possum Panda (a parody of Batman), which is really just another way for him to avoid his parenting duties. His alter-ego returns in The Secret Life of Possum Panda, however due to having forgotten he is Possum Panda, he starts fighting crime in his sleep as Possum Panda.It is shown in "The Howl of The Weenie" that he has afear of cholesterol build-up. It is revealed in "Yin Yang... Who?" that he is Yin and Yang's biological father (while he was"On The Edge Of Aliveatude") , though his memory of them was wiped by Ti and Chai, so he could train them impartially without worry about their safety.


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