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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (often referred to as simply Kick Buttowski) is a animated Disney XD Original Series created by flash animator and resident Creative Director of Disney Online, Sandro Corsaro, about a young boy Clarence "Kick" Buttowski (Charlie Schlatter), who aspires to become the world's greatest daredevil.[1]

It will become the fourth Disney XD original series and the first animated series.

The show premiered on February 13, 2010, with two episodes airing the first day.[1] The first episode was watched by 842,000 viewers, the highest rated premiere in the network's history.[2] The second episode was watched by 972,000 viewers.[3] The first episode is available free for download in the iTunes Store. There are two 11 minute segments per show. The show uses Flash animation. Additional cast members include Matt L. Jones as Gunther, Danny Cooksey as Brad, John DiMaggio as Mr. Vickle and Eric Christian Olsen as Wade. The series is executive-produced and directed by Chris Savino.[1]


  • Clarence "Kick" Buttowski: the main character, an amateur, thrill-seeking daredevil. He is around 12 years old.
  • Gunther Masterson: Kick's best friend who is overweight and worries a lot. Gunther unlike Kick does not enjoy living on the edge. He is 11 years old. He is of Nordic descent.
  • Bradley "Brad" Buttowski: Kick's older brother. He bullies Kick, and is in charge when their parents are away. Brad also has very poor personal hygiene and thinks he is popular. He is very similar to Terrance from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends or Donnie from Robotboy. He is around 15 years old as he is taking his drivers test.
  • Brianna Buttowski: Kick's spoiled little sister. She usually competes in beauty pageants and recitals. In the episode "Not Without My Cereal" she takes Kick's cereal and runs around the grocery store. She finally helps Kick at the end of the episode. She is 7 years old. Her favorite phrase is "I want."
  • Harold and Mrs Buttowski: Kick's parents. They are hardly ever at home, as they take their daughter Brianna to compete in beauty pageants and recitals.
  • Wade: a gas station worker that is friends with Kick. In the episode "Stumped", Wade supplies Kick with energy drinks, in hopes of finding a key. The key was a free ticket for Kick to see his favorite monster truck star, Billy Stumps.
  • Billy Stumps: An extreme daredevil that is very famous, and Kick's idol. He is missing an arm, and it is unknown why.
  • Magnus and Helga Masterson: Gunther's parents. They own a local restaurant called Battlesnax. They are Vikings and lived in the Nordic country
  • Beyorgan: Gunther's uncle. He works at Battlesnax and he always says words that ryme with his name. He is a Viking and lived in the Nordic country



Kick Buttowski or Clarence Buttowski was originally named “Kaptain” Robbie Knievel or Francis Little until late 2009. Kick was little different from the original vision of himself. He was much smaller and fatter[4]. He had blue stars on his helmet and blue strips on his clothing. On January 8, 2009, ToonBarn unveiled the toy of the main character[5]. Many of the characters and situations were based on the creator's childhood growing up in Stoneham, Massachusetts.


When Kick Buttowski got picked up in December 19, 2008, its original name was used Kid Knievel[6]. The title was change as Kick Buttowski as of April 4, 2009[7]. "As our first animated show for the new Disney XD platform, Kid Knievel sets the tone for the animated series to come, it has break-out characters, fresh designs, big laughs and great action." said by Eric Coleman, senior VP of original series at Walt Disney Television Animation[6]. It was also announced that would release five 55-second sneak-peek shorts[6], however, two were released on and one three-minute short was available[8]. On early January 2010, it was announced that the show was to be premiere on February 13, 2010[1].


Kick Buttowski first aired on Disney XD on February 13, 2010[1] at 8:30 a.m. ET. Sneak peeks and promos were shown on Disney XD,, and Disney Channel[9]. The series is to air every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. ET according to Disney XD.Template:Citation needed

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Country / Region Channel Series premiere
Template:Flagicon United States Disney XD U.S.A. February 13, 2010
Template:Flagicon United Kingdom Disney XD (UK & Ireland) February 20, 2010
Template:Flagicon Ireland
Template:Flagicon France Disney XD (France)
Template:Flagicon Spain Disney XD (Spain)
Template:Flagicon Italy Disney XD (Italy)
Template:Flagicon Germany Disney XD Germany March 26, 2010[10]Template:Failed verification
Template:Flagicon Poland Disney XD Poland April 1, 2010

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